CHALLENGE: Stephen J. Cannell had enormous success as a TV producer, and was transitioning to writing mystery novels. Cannell’s “Shane Scully” mystery novels needed to be promoted in a competitive market that was saturated with content.

INSIGHTS:  Cannell’s TV audience was mostly young and adult males. However, the mystery novel audience demographic is primarily females 30-60.  Cannell needed to be re-branded for this new audience.

SOLUTION: We created press releases for distribution to media, reader questions for book clubs, sweepstakes giveaways, video book trailers, e-newsletters, micro-sites for each book, book tour promotions, location photos of actual places mentioned in Cannell’s novels, and B2B content targeted to book stores and libraries. The result was five New York Times best sellers.

Stephen J. Cannell’s Main Website

E-Newsletter: Promote Books, TV Shows

Reader Group Questions for At First Sight

E-Newsletter: Promote Books, TV Shows

Giveaway To Promote Mystery Novel

Giveaway To Promote Mystery Novel

B2B Letter To Librarians

“The Pallbearers” Micro-Site

“Three Shirt Deal” Micro-Site

“The Prostitute’s Ball” Micro-Site

Script For Chelsea Cannell’s Video

Charity Bid To Appear In Cannell Novel

Stephen J. Cannell Facebook Page

Graphics (Ads, Amazon Store, Bookplates)

Online Ads: Cannell Novels & TV Shows

Promotion For “The Poker House” Film

Banner Ads For “At First Sight”

“Prostitutes Ball” Novel T-Shirt Promotion